jRSVP is a tool for Rapid Serial Visual Presentation.
RSVP is based on the notion of displaying a text one word at a time. The words are displayed very quickly after one another.
This supresses the eyes tendency to backtrack the line while reading, searching for the end of the sentence as well as the reader's tendency to oralize the text while reading.
This significantly increases the reading speed..


  • You can download it here.
  • Due to requirements in the Multivalent library, this application needs Java 1.4
  • You need the Multivalent library (version 8.3, Filename: Multivalent20040415.jar) that can be found here
  • You also need the font chooser bean (Version 0.1) from here
  • Read in PDF, PS, HTML, Unix man pages and TeX DVI through the Multivalent library.
  • Display the words with a variable display delay between 0 and a user-selected maximum in ms.
  • History of recently opened files
  • Bookmarks of file and position to reopen a previously bookmarked file at a specific position
  • Stores data through the Java Preferences API. I do not like the fact that Java stores its preferences in the Windows registry. This is a structure I don't want to touch, so I replaced the calls to the PreferencesAPI with calls to a very good replacement.
  • Choose font type, style and size for display (and store them)
  • A preferences dialog to choose the foreground and background colors, maximum delay and current delay.
  • Displays words / minute
  • The CHANGELOG can be found here.
  • General cleaning-up and completion of the documentation
  • The bookmark and history handling within the preferences dialog needs to be finished.
  • A SaveAs function to store parsed documents. Reading them in is much faster, of course, than the original files
  • Add a browser view of the document, so that the user can see where he is in the text
  • Sentence based presentation.
Installation instructions
  • Execute java -cp path_to_multivalent.jar:path_to_JFontChooser.jar:path_to_jrsvp.jar net.jpmdesign.rsvp.Rsvp
  • or add the Multivalent.jar and JFontChooser.jar to your classpath and execute java -jar path_to_jrsvp.jar
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The Sourceforge page is at http://sourceforge.net/projects/jrsvp/

This webpage is only in the first stages of development. Screenshots and a detailed documentation will follow soon.

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